Guarantee of Success

Here at White Rose Dental Studio, we pride ourselves on the level of service and expertise we offer our clients. Everything we do is to the best of our ability. We are careful, diligent and will not be rushed: A lot of effort goes into ensuring that you get the care, detail and precision we would want for ourselves. Everything we do is evidence based and has been backed up by research. We only provide treatment that is known to be effective, safe, reliable and long lasting. Despite this, treatments very occasionally do not last as long as they should. So, for your peace of mind, we guarantee our work for one year. This means that if any problem should occur for any reason as a result of faulty materials or workmanship, a like-for-like replacement will be provided free of charge. Of course, we hope and expect your dental work to look and feel great for many, many years, but there are too many variables outside of our control for us to offer any meaningful guarantee beyond two years.

The guarantee is dependent upon
• Regular six monthly check ups at Enhance Dental Care
• Regular hygiene visits as prescribed by your dentist
Following the guidelines for aftercare that we give you
Using the oral hygiene techniques that we teach you

The guarantee does not include
•Any part of the work that has been completed by another dentist
• Injury caused by accidents, sports or any third party (external trauma)
• Unforeseen subsequent root canal treatment.

We hope that this guarantee gives you peace of mind and encourages you to protect your investment in your health and appearance.

Guarantee your health and safety
Cross infection policy
Our cross infection control systems meet or exceed those recommended by the British Dental Association, the General Dental Council and the Department of Health
Our staff are regularly trained and updated in latest procedures and legislation
It is the policy of White Rose Dental Studio to use disposable items whenever possible, e.g., cups, hand towels, rubber gloves , masks.
We routinely wear disposable gloves during all treatment and change them between each patient
Hand washing protocol is printed and displayed by every sink
Needles and disposable surgical items are supplied ready sterilized in sealed packs and used only once
Instruments used in root canal therapy are considered single use and disposed of after each treatment
All non-disposable dental instruments are sterilized between use in a vacuum autoclave
All work surfaces are thoroughly disinfected between patients

Protecting our staff and customers in the workplace
White Rose Dental Studio is amalgam free. We are proud to offer mercury free dentistry
We comply with all Health & Safety regulations regarding Ionizing Radiation Rules (1999) (x-rays) with certification
We comply with Pressure systems & Gas Container Regulations (1989) with certification
We comply with clinical waste disposal and C.O.S.S.H. with certification
We train all of our staff in CPR and dealing with medical emergencies on a yearly basis with certification
We train all of our staff in Fire Risk Assessment and safe use of fire extinguishers annually with certification
All electrical equipment is Pat tested annually with certification
We are registered and comply with the Data Protection Act to ensure complete confidentiality regarding clinical and financial matters. We NEVER disclose any of your details to a third party without your express consent.

Please contact White Rose Dental Studio for more information.