Dental implants
White Rose Dental Studio
can provide dental implant services for people who have lost a tooth or several teeth as a result of decay or an accident. The implant treatment could provide a life-changing solution for individuals suffering from lack of teeth.
Dental implants are titanium metal rods that are placed into the jawbone as a replacement for a missing tooth. The installations can be used to support one or more false teeth and have been proven to remain in place on a long-term basis.
As part of the process, we will carry out extensive examinations to ensure the jawbone is suitable for the treatment. The checks are carried out to determine if the bone has resorbed over time after a tooth has been removed.
Patients who have undergone the procedure may feel slight discomfort at first, but are then able to eat and drink as normal while regaining the ability to speak without difficulty. Patients can be reassured that where appropriate we are able to use computer software before carrying out dental implant surgery to accurately locate the best jaw location to place their dental implants. This system allows the dentist to view a 3D image of the bone anatomy and gain an in-depth knowledge of the layout of an individual patients jaw bone and soft tissues.
Overdentures are attached and supported by dental implants when a patient does not have any teeth remaining in the jaw. The removable nature of this type of denture means it is extremely convenient to clean efficiently.
During this process, two to four dental implants are placed in the bone at the front of the mouth in order to provide as much support as possible for the overdenture using either bar-retained or ball-retained methods.

Bone grafting is often needed when there is not enough bone available to install an implant. This process is an ongoing issue for people who have dentures as a result of the changing shape of the jaw when a patient loses their natural teeth.
During this procedure, the bone grafting material provides a stimulus for the existing bone to grow onto, which will eventually provide an environment suitable for the placement of dental implants.
A similar treatment that adds bone to the upper jaw is a Sinus lift. As part of this process, patients will undergo surgery to separate the maxillary sinus lining from the jaw by gently pushing the two tissues apart.
Following this, granules of bone-graft material will be packed into the place where the sinus was previously located and then closed with stitches. After the operation, patients usually need six to nine months to heal before a dental implant can be placed.
White Rose Dental Studio uses advanced sterilisation equipment to ensure implant dentistry and other treatments are carried out in the cleanest and safest possible environment

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