Broken Dentures

If you wear dentures, you will know how difficult life can be when they crack or break. Not only does it make everyday tasks such a chewing, eating, swallowing and talking unnecessarily difficult, it can also be embarrassing. You can sometimes experience that your dentures will fall to pieces at the worst possible time. It could be a big presentation at the office, a first date or a social occasion with a photo-opportunity – whatever the circumstances; you will need your dentures repaired quickly.
We will now list different options for getting your dentures repaired both temporary options and more permanent solutions. We will also look at how your dentures might break or crack and how quickly you can get them fixed.

How do dentures break?
Dentures can become damaged in lots of different ways. However, not all of these damages need emergency dental treatment. Your dentures can become stained or broken for example – and while you may want them looked at, you may not feel as though it is an emergency.

Your dentures can also become cracked or completely broken into several smaller pieces, which makes them difficult to repair. You can also lose teeth from your denture, which may make chewing and eating more difficult. You will probably therefore want them repaired as soon as possible – not least because you do not want to lose the pieces before there is an opportunity to put them back together!

How easy are dentures to repair?
Oral medicine
•Mouthguards may be used as splints to reduce strain over the temporomandibular joint in temporomandibular joint disorder
•To prevent tooth attrition in bruxism
•To deliver topical medication.

Dental aesthetics
•During tooth whitening.
•As a night protector of thin porcelain bridges

•Invisalign, a substitute for brackets and acrylic plates

Custom made mouth guards:
An impression of the user's teeth is used by a dental professional to create a best-fit mouth protector. The impression may be taken by a dentist who will take an upper impression in dental alginate material. In Europe, the guard must be sold with a CE mark and the guard must have passed an EC Type-Examination test, performed by an accredited European Notified Body. Applying a CE mark without such certification is a criminal offence.

Vacuum Form
•Custom made mouth guards using this type of machine produce single layer mouth guards
• Fit not as good as pressure laminated but offers more protection than boil and bite

Pressure Laminated
•Custom made mouth guards using this type of machine produce multi layer mouth guards
•Offers superior fit, comfort and more protection
takes about a week or two to get used to how a brace feels in your mouth and it is common for some soreness to occur on the insides of your lips or cheeks – we provide special wax to put on the brace to relieve this.

REMOVABLE braces are made in our technical laboratory from the moulds that we take of your teeth This usually takes two weeks. They are fitted by carefully pushing them onto your teeth – we make sure that they fit well and are comfortable. We give you instructions on how they should be worn and cared for. This appointment takes about 20 minutes.

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