When it comes to children we have three main objectives:

Fun – we want our customers to be happy with us from the start, so we:
Invite groups of children, so they feel comfortable with other young people around them
Our dental team brightly decorate the clinic, so it is familiar, like their school or playgroup
Provide a children’s entertainer who plays games, tells stories and many more with our dentists involvement.

Education – if we teach good dental hygiene at a young age, there are likely to be fewer problems in the future
All of our team are on hand to teach the basics of good dental hygie ne in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere
We give our younger customers a tour of the practice, showing them the studios and equipment we use so that these become familiar – they may even get to try some out, but not on real people, of course, and under close supervision!

Preventative Treatment and Treatment – our younger customers will have any treatment they require, again in a fun and relaxed environment.

To find out more about White Rose Dental Studio’s The Funny Dentists Day, and to find out about the dates for the coming months, please contact us



Our emphasis is on preventing tooth problems before they arise. We believe that prevention should start at a young age by providing preventative treatment and education. This is why we have six days a year, during the school holidays, when we focus exclusively on our younger customers by organizing White Rose Dental Studio’s The Funny Dentists Day.  

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